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Hi! We're Blue Drop Studio - ecommerce growth experts working with award winning  brands.

We specialise in Digital Advertising for small but ambitious online stores, wanting to grow.

Why should you trust us?

Hi! I’m Omar Juman - founder here at BlueDrop. 

Over the past years I’ve worked with over 30+ ecommerce brands and helped them grow and hit their record revenue months. 

If you're just getting started with ecommerce, you can learn our in-house processes for free or use the Digital Advertising Tools & Templates from us.

And if you do want to work with a team of experts to grow your store with digital advertising, you can work with our agency.

Our story

Blue Drop Studio was conceived by Anna Rewinska and Omar Juman. Both consultants in the tech industry our founders combined Anna’s experience in creative strategy and Omar’s experience in digital media buying to take on the ecommerce space and grow incredible brands. 

It’s the teams vision to be part of the journey that takes brands from unknown stores to household names. From turning over £15k per month to £10m+ in revenue annually. We’re currently on this journey with multiple brands and want to continue growing our team, as well as our clients stores.

Making dreams happen is one of the biggest motivators behind Blue Drop Studio. We’re working with our clients and growing their Shopify stores and in turn changing not only their lives but their customers too.

Meet the founders

Omar Juman

Media buying strategy across digital advertising channels to drive profitable growth.

Anna Rewinska

Building brands of the future with the power of creative content & customer focused design.

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