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Att Pynta, founded by the beautifully design minded Kai & Amanda. Their brand wanted to be a reflection of their journey through design over the years.

It combines pieces that are simply timeless in design, built to last a life time, yet they somehow manage to bring the focus all the way down and elevate those everyday moments in your home.


Kai and Amanda's previous advertising partner were not providing the results, communication & understanding of their brand that Att pynta needed to grow and reach their goals.

It's sometimes difficult making the decision to change agency, but eventually, you have to take that leap of faith.

Understanding the freedom that the right external agency can provide you as a business owner can be a game changer.


Dive into the brand discovery session, get to grips with Att Pynta's goals, message and audience.

Audit the digital advertising account, build an advertising & creative strategy that allowed us to explore Facebook & Instagram as new channels.

Drastically improve the Google Ads account by implementing proper keyword strategy, tracking frameworks & testing schedules.

Once we had the digital advertising working smoothly, we focused on improving the website.

This allowed us to increase conversion rates and get even better results with FB, IG & Google Ads.

"We’re super happy with the digital advertising approach from the Blue Drop team, they don’t have the typical cookie cutter approach and have worked with us to really understand and grow the brand. Clearly shows in our sales & creatives."

Kai Price & Amanda Nelson

Co-Fouders, Att Pynta

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