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We can't wait to speak with you and talk about how we can help your Shopify store achieve consistent ad results and skyrocket your growth by acquiring PROFITABLE customers, and turning them into your brand advocates, every month.

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▶️ Please check your calendar for an email from: with the confirmation of our call and the link to join via Google Meet.

▶️ The call will be 45 minutes, with myself - Anna (Creative Strategist) and Omar who heads Advertising Strategy. We will go over your growth goals and dive into the current bottlenecks that are keeping you stuck at your current revenue level.

▶️ We do not allow reschedules, so please ensure you are 100% able to attend the meeting you have booked, otherwise please provide 48 hour notice to: of a change in call time.

▶️ Please be somewhere quiet with good Internet connection and your camera on so we can make them most of our session.

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Can't wait to meet you!

Omar Juman Advertising Strategy
and Anna Rewinska Creative Strategy

We will see you on the call ! Can't wait to talk about your growth plans!