Creative Content

We create static, video and animated content for social media advertising campaigns.

The Showreel.

We know that images speak louder than words. See the work that we have done with our clients last year.

Thumb stopping & Engaging

We follow specific story arcs and visual techniques to create thumb stopping and engaging images & videos. With social media being so noisy, you have very little time to tell your story and keep your customer engaged, and even less time to get them to stop scrolling!

Marketing Goal Focused

We ensure that all of our creative methods & techniques are matched with specific marketing goals. We do not create pretty for the sake of looking pretty or winning a fancy award. We're here to drive customer acquisition and growth.

Measured Impact

The digital space is incredibly noisy. Capturing customers attention is difficult, without the right methods in place. Having engaging and relevant creative content has a powerful impact on growing your business.

Data informed

All of the activity we run is measured, analysed and reported on. This allows us to make strong decisions that lead to strong growth. Making sure that data drives our creative decisions is an important part of being able to succeed in such a noisy landscape.

Our Creative Process

1 - Discovery & Strategy

We start off by a Creative Discovery Workshop where we go through your business positioning, goals, objectives and all the creative parameters. At the end of this process we formulate a Creative Strategy for your social campaigns.

2 - Ideation & Direction

We brainstorm ideas and creative directions to find the best solution for your brand to meet the marketing objectives. We look at what will the campaign communicate as well as what will it look like. Once we establish the right messaging approach and the look & feel we start building the creatives.

3 - Production & Execution

Now it’s the time to make the “magic” happen. You see the storyboards come to life. We do all the editing, create the animations, produce the image assets and if needed organise bespoke photo & video shoots to capture the right content.

4 - Launch & Optimisation

We hand the videos and images over to the Social Advertising Team and press “go”. As the campaign starts, we measure and gather data to then improve the creatives and ensure that we’re constantly improving the results of the campaign.

See how we worked with kwiff to get them over 350k+ new customers

Daniel Sköld
Chief Marketing Officer
"Blue Drop Studio helped us create and deliver thoughtful, customer-centric ideas, content and strategy for our marketing department. Blue Drop Studio’s approach is well organised, data-driven and collaborative."

Why Us?

Creative & Marketing

We have combined expertise in-house that allows us to react quickly when it comes to making optimisations, learning from data and fast moving campaigns.

We grow with your team

We specialise in what we do, we understand every startup must grow. That's why we offer workshops & educational services to help level up your team.

Flexible model for startups

We have an effective agency model, especially for startups. Every project package contains the same process. The main difference is quantity.

Seasoned experts

We've worked beside rapidly growing product teams before, we understand the internal mechanics (or lack thereof) around it. We are aspiring industry leaders.

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The digital space moves quickly. We're industry experts, we strive to stay on top of our rapidly developing industry. Our blog is where we write about what we think is interesting and helpful to any startups out there trying to grow their brand in this noisy space!