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Opening up an incredibly powerful channel to keep relationships going at every stage of the customer journey. Email marketing is very important to ensure your customer relationships are developed over time. They are a great way to build trust & authority over time and a great way to share knowledge & provide value.

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What we do:


We create newsletters from all the lovely content we create via other services. This helps nurture potential customers over time to build trust and authority as a brand. This also offers and opportunity to those customers that have already purchased with your brand, to stay engaged, leading to brand evangelism or another purchase. 

Acquisition & Retention Sequences

We can also setup an email sequence that is more focused toward a certain goal. For example, every time someone signs up to your product or newsletter without making a purchase, we can create a sequence of emails tailored for them and their specific part of the customer journey. The same can be done for retention, once a customer has purchased, we can stay top of mind over a period of time and then offer them something to either refer someone else or purchase again. It’s a very important part of email marketing.

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Daniel Sköld
Chief Marketing Officer
"Blue Drop Studio helped us create and deliver thoughtful, customer-centric ideas, content and strategy for our marketing department. Blue Drop Studio’s approach is well organised, data-driven and collaborative."
Charlie Yianni
"Thrilled with the result. Understood exactly what we had in mind for our brand, and brought it to life in a way that's unique, packed with personality, versatile, and provides us with a strong competitive advantage."
Lawrence Tibe-Endt
Head Of Marketing
"Blue Drop Studio redesigned and built our website, which has increased our conversion and number of leads. They have been a pleasure to work with. Deciding to go with Blue Drop Studio was one of the best decisions we’ve made as a company."

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