Growing a tech startup in one of the most competitive industries in the world

Kwiff is a sportsbook & casino application (web & mobile) wanting to bring tech innovation to the industry. When we started our collaboration, kwiff had just launched into the UK Market and had a pretty much non existent marketing team. Working closely with their CMO, the following two and a half years saw them grow into a international company operating out of Europe & London, UK. We worked as an extension of their creative & marketing team. They were able to bring in hundreds of thousands of customers and get a foothold in an incredibly competitive market.

Download the full case study of kwiff and learn how they acquired over 350k+ new customers


350k+ Customers

We had gone up against some huge competitors when it came to customer acquisition. Since the competitors budgets simply dwarfed ours, we understood that if we tried to play the same game, we would lose. So the decision was made to approach things differently. We would not run the same offers, we would not use the same language and we would not offer the same product. This changed the game.

Team growth & learning

During the length of our partnership, we built them an in-house creative team. We helped build their marketing team. We brought in partners. Through workshops and video content we up skilled their teams and equipped them to get into the battle of the digital space.

Daniel Sköld
Chief Marketing Officer
"Blue Drop Studio helped us create and deliver thoughtful, customer-centric ideas, content and strategy for our marketing department. Blue Drop Studio’s approach is well organised, data-driven and collaborative."