Social Media Avertising

We strategize, build and execute marketing campaigns that drive customer acquisition on social media.

Creative Content Included

With our social media advertising packages and process, we include creative content optimisation at no extra cost. It's in our interest to create the best performing campaigns, so if you have a library of existing content that we can work from to create images, we will.

Customer Acquisition & ROI Focused

Our main goal is to drive business growth for our clients. That means all of the marketing activity we run is measured against how many customers you bring in and what the ROI (return on investment) is.

Creative & Advertising Reporting

We have both creative and social media advertising skill sets under one roof. That means we can easily gather deeper insights based off data into how creatives are performing and what optimisations we should make moving forward. We make sure to keep your team in the know with all of our findings on a weekly basis.

Data informed

We are sure to make decisions based on the data. It's all about the data. This is what allows us to stop stabbing in the dark and trust that our actions have a high chance of success.

Our Social Process

Included in every social media advertising package. We split our social media advertising process into two sections. Setup and Monthly.

See how we worked with kwiff to get them over 350k+ new customers

Daniel Sköld
Chief Marketing Officer
"Blue Drop Studio helped us create and deliver thoughtful, customer-centric ideas, content and strategy for our marketing department. Blue Drop Studio’s approach is well organised, data-driven and collaborative."

Why Us?

Creative & Marketing

We have combined expertise in-house that allows us to react quickly when it comes to making optimisations, learning from data and fast moving campaigns.

We grow with your team

We specialise in what we do, we understand every startup must grow. That's why we offer workshops & educational services to help level up your team.

Flexible model for startups

We have an effective agency model, especially for startups. Every project package contains the same process. The main difference is quantity.

Seasoned experts

We've worked beside rapidly growing product teams before, we understand the internal mechanics (or lack thereof) around it. We are aspiring industry leaders.

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Our Blog

The digital space moves quickly. We're industry experts, we strive to stay on top of our rapidly developing industry. Our blog is where we write about what we think is interesting and helpful to any startups out there trying to grow their brand in this noisy space!