What we do

Accelerating profitable growth for ecommerce brands through Facebook & Google Advertising.

We focus on three things. Accelerating revenue, driving growth and building brands. We do this through implementing our CPA Method across Social Media advertising channels and Google advertising channels. When you grow, we grow.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Using the world’s largest social media platform to connect with the perfect customer and grow your brand.

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Google Advertising

Getting in front of customers at the right time, when they are ready to buy.

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Brands that grew with us

Discover How We Can Accelerate
Your Ecommerce Business Growth.

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Why Us?

Creative & Marketing

We have combined expertise in-house that allows us to react quickly when it comes to making optimisations, learning from data and fast moving campaigns.

We grow with your team

We specialise in what we do, we understand every startup must grow. That's why we offer workshops & educational services to help level up your team.

Flexible model for startups

We have an effective agency model, especially for startups. Every project package contains the same process. The main difference is quantity.

Seasoned experts

We've worked beside rapidly growing product teams before, we understand the internal mechanics (or lack thereof) around it. We are aspiring industry leaders.

What our clients say

"We’re super happy with the digital advertising approach from the Blue Drop team, they don’t have the typical cookie cutter approach and have worked with us to really understand and grow the brand. Clearly shows in our sales & creatives."

Kai Price & Amanda Nelson

Co-Fouders, Att Pynta

What our clients say

“Since the beginning of our collaboration Blue Drop team not only focused on understanding our brand in depth but also created outstanding campaigns with bespoke creatives that drive growth every day!”

Claire Gleave

Founder, Natal Active

What our clients say

“The Blue Drop Studio team have helped me to understand the power of digital advertising for my brand. The workshops were amazing! ”

Adele Pearce

Founder, Stole & Boa