Agency Approved Ecom Image Ad Formulas

+ BONUS 20 Ad Copy Templates

Discover our AGENCY FORMULA to creating Image Adverts for award winning brands. Save yourself hours of research and design & cut straight to advert designs that have consistently generated millions 💸 since iOS14.

P.S. We're including 20 Ad Copy Templates (and examples) for FREE!

Time is money.

These Ecom Ad Creative Templates have made millions in revenue, profitably.

Look, we know that time & money are some of the most valuable things when it comes to running any business, especially when you are just starting out on your growth journey.

For ecom store owners, a massive time suck is learning how to run ads or trying to find people to run them.

A massive money suck is actually running them yourself without knowing HOW.

We've done the heavy lifting here and put together the Top Image Ad Templates that we use in our agency to continuously test & scale accounts - while generating millions, profitably.

You will save yourself so much time & money by accessing our already tested & data-backed Image Ad Templates.

After working with 30+ ecommerce brands in the UK & USA and producing 3,000+ Ad Creatives we’ve discovered....

...the 3 most expensive mistakes ecommerce store owners make when they are starting their advertising journey & store:

⛔️ Terribly designed adverts 
Adverts need to communicate your product, not make it look terrible or confusing.

⛔️ Trying to run ads themselves 
Running Meta Ads without any guidance and not knowing what to do - you can quickly destroy any capital you have by doing this.

⛔️ Wrong Advertising Strategy 
Luckily, platforms like Meta are making it easier to setup adverts successfully. The tricky part, and part where you must focus, is the advert design itself.


These Image Ad Formulas can be a game-changer for ecommerce brands

Being data-driven is the name of the game.

We’ve spent
years figuring out the ecommerce formulas for the winning Adverts, so your tests will be based on real AGENCY data not random guesses.

These Meta Ad Creative Formulas have made millions in revenue, profitably.

Why should you trust us?

Hi! I’m Omar Juman - founder here at BlueDrop. 

Over the past years I’ve worked with over 30+ ecommerce brands and helped them grow and hit their record revenue months. 

My journey has led me to speak to hundreds of small-size (sub 25k monthly revenue) ecommerce stores and one of the main pain-points they have is not being able to generate enough profitable revenue to get to the point where they can engage with an expert or agency.

I want to share the insights & expertise of my team with those starting out, so you can learn how to consistently drive profitable revenue with digital advertising.

Our Agency Approved Ecom Image Ad Formulas for META include:

22 Ecom Image Ad Formulas + Examples

These templates will show you 22 MOST IMPORTANT Single Image Ad Concepts (designed for Feed, Story & Reels placement) you need to test if you’re looking to run profitable Facebook Ads.

🏆 22 Ecom Ad Image Formulas - you can test on Facebook and Instagram, including Feed, Stories &Reels versions. 

🤓 Real-life examples of the concepts from leading ecommerce brands to inspire you.

Simple instructions from our Creative Strategist - Anna, on how you can create those ads for yourself.


20 Ad Copy Templates + Examples

You will get 20 Ad Copy Templates with examples so you can go ahead and quickly design your adverts.

🏆 20 Ad Copy Templates - including Main Ad Copy, Header & Descriptions - so 60 Ad Copy Templates in total to get you started. 

🤓 Pair with the Image Ad Formulas - these ad copy templates work with the Image Ad Formulas, so you have all that you need to quickly and efficiently create your adverts. 

✅ 4 Ad Copy Groups:
👉 General Short Form 
👉 General Long Form 
👉 Social Proof 
👉 Why Should I, Buy?


4 KEY Creative Directions for your ad visuals

Choosing the RIGHT type of image for your advert is key for the success of your Meta campaign. We will break down 4 MAIN Creative Directions to guide your visuals.

Know how to choose the RIGHT photo for your ads - each of the Image Ad Formulas can work with any of the 4 KEY Creative Directions we’ve included.


If you are an ambitious ecommerce entrepreneur looking to grow your online store - these Agency Approved Image Ad Formulas will save you time, and money.

Get the Agency Formulas and grow your Ecom brand

Agency Approved Ecom Image Ad Formulas

Discover our AGENCY FORMULA to creating Image Adverts for award winning brands. Save yourself hours of research and design & cut straight to advert designs that have consistently generated millions 💸 since iOS14.


22 Ecom Image Ad formulas + Examples
Designed for Feed, Stories & Reels:

2 x Brand-led Image Ads
5 x Product-focused Ads
3 x "Why Should I, Buy?" Formulas
12 x Social Proof Ads featuring reviews, PR, awards & more

4 KEY Creative Directions for your ad visuals - discover 4 most important image types to use when building Image Ads

BONUS 20 Ad Copy Templates + Examples
Key copywriting concepts (For Main Text, Headers & Descriptions) that drive clicks & purchases for ecommerce brands:
7 x Short Form
3 x Long Form
6 x Social Proof
7 x "Why Should I, Buy?"


BlueDrop's Scale Advertising Package

Work with our team at BlueDrop to take your Ecommerce Brand to the next level. Best suited for online stores generating between £5000 - £50,000 in monthly revenue and spending up to £10,000 per month on digital advertising.

Agency MGMT fee:


• UNLIMITED Advertising Campaigns & Adverts

• 12 Month Advertising Strategy

• Monthly Split Testing

• Testing & Scaling Through Our Agency Framework


Included: Weekly Meetings, Direct Chat with our team via Slack or WhatsApp, Weekly & Monthy Reports.

100% 14-Day
Money Back Guarantee

Discover our AGENCY FORMULAS to creating Image Adverts for award winning ecommerce brands

Save yourself hours of research and design and cut straight to advert designs that have consistently generated millions 💸 since iOS14.

BlueDrop’s - Agency Approved Ecom Image Ad Formulas

✅ 22 Single Image Ad Formulas + Examples 
for Feed, Stories & Reels on FB & IG

✅  20 Ad Copy Templates + Examples 
(20 templates for Main Text, 20 Headers & 20 Descriptions)

✅ 4 KEY Visual Directions
to help you make a decision quickly on the type of image you should use in your ad.