March 1, 2022

✅ TOP ✅ Facebook Ad Examples in 2022 for Ecommerce Brands

If you're looking for some great examples of ad creatives to get inspired by for your Facebook advertising strategy, you're in the right place.

As a founder of an ecommerce brand or a marketer working with one, you know that Facebook ads can be a great way to increase your sales, grow your brand and build relationships with your audience & customers.

This is the reason why I have made a list of top Facebook ad examples from leading DTC brands driven by digital marketing. You will find a short breakdown of why these Facebook ads are effective under each example for you to draw from.

In 2022 we are in the process of an "online revolution", where data is not as accurate as it used to be a year ago and a lot has changed.

One of the most effective ways we have found to drive growth past iOS14 at Blue Drop, is focusing even more on the ad creative.

We regularly produce new creatives for the ad Facebook ad campaigns, shoot new content and work with content creators to help brands expand their media libraries. This allows us to create, test and optimise new content and in turn, drive sales for the amazing ecommerce brands we collaborate with.

Our secret? Data, customer research, diving in social media trends and staying up to date with the changes across platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok and Google.

I hope you will enjoy the Facebook ads list I've created for you to inspire ideas and if there's anything I missed, drop me a line on Instagram (my DMs are always open).

01. Ruggable • "New Shaggy Collection" video ad

What is Ruggable? Ruggable is a homeware brand specialising in stylish, machine-washable rugs.

I chose this ad as part of the ecommerce Facebook ad examples list because this video is a great piece tapping into a social media trend paired with clear key brand messaging. This video uses the "oddly satisfying" social media content trend (think slime cutting). It applies this concept to the way the product (rug) is being shown. Also, what is the best way to show a Shaggy rug? Of course, through a closeup of its texture.


Because it makes the viewer instantly "feel" the softness and the volume of the rug. Its luxury. As a result, we have a great Facebook ad, clearly communicating the product, keeping the viewer engaged and conveying the key brand USPs.

Why is it a good Facebook ad?

  1. Being creative in showing the product: finding ways to communicate a product in a way that is visually appealing and different is the first step to success with thumb-stopping Facebook ads. This video makes you "feel" the texture of the rug - it builds an emotional connection with the viewer.
  2. Understanding social media trends: having less than 2 seconds to stop someone from scrolling is tricky. By tapping into current social media and content trends, you can increase your thumb-stop rate significantly. Some of the ad creatives we have produced for our clients had a whooping 40% + thumb-stop rate (the standard is around 15%)
  3. Cut to the chase with your messaging: "Luxury just became washable" - this very simple but so effective copy encapsulates the core of the Ruggable brand and supports the hook of the video, highlighting that the Shaggy rugs are luxurious.

02. Maison Miru • "5 Reasons Why You Need Flat Back Earrings" video ad

What is Maison Miru? Maison Miru Jewelry is a unisex system of jewelry for dreamers, thinkers and makers

I chose this ad as part of the ecommerce Facebook ad examples list because this video is a great example of a winning combination of product that solves a problem & clear messaging communicated in an engaging (hook) & authentic (UGC) way.

Why is it a good Facebook ad?

  1. Product that solves a problem - let's start at the beginning, these earrings solve a problem. If you have your ears pierced, you know very well how uncomfortable it is to sleep / nap with some earrings.
  2. Effective messaging: "5 reasons you need flat back earrings" - the title of the video, the hook, speaks directly to the potential customer who has experienced the problem of uncomfortable earrings.
  3. Benefits not features - benefits are why a feature matters for your customers. In other words, how that feature makes their life better. Features tell customers what, and benefits tell customers why. By communicating benefits you're building a narrative rather than communicating facts. The benefits are listed on the Facebook video and in the main copy of the ad.
  4. Authentic visual showing a demo of the product - using UGC video helps brands connect with their audiences in an authentic way. Showing the product in action connects the benefits written on the right side of the video.
  5. Coherent Customer Journey - the landing page that this Facebook ad leads tom is in line with the ad itself. It further expands on the "nap earrings" messaging. Check out the landing page in the video below.

This is certainly one of my favourite Facebook ad campaigns - amazing product, simple but effective creative and really thoroughly planned customer journey.

03. Local Electric • "A Ring For Every Mood" video ad

What is Local Electric? Local Electric is a brand selling fine jewelry made from independent designers.

I chose this ad as part of the ecommerce Facebook ad examples list because this video is a great example of a simple concept that shows a wide range of products in an engaging way.

Why is it a good Facebook ad?

  1. Visually-led - the video format showing a collection of rings is based on a simple, rotating concept - it's fun, it makes you stop scrolling, peaks interest.
  2. Clarity of the message - "A ring for every mood" - the hook of the video is is descriptive and peaks interest. It poses the question, what does "for every mood" mean?
  3. Less is more - the video creative is supported by short-form copy: "The opposite of mass produced. Discover more indie designers..."

04. MOSCOT • "Spring Collection 2022" carousel ad

What is MOSCOT? MOSCOT is an iconic eyewear brand founded in NYC.

I chose this carousel ad as part of the ecommerce Facebook ad examples list because this ad is a great example of enhancing the experience of a Carousel Ad format.

Why is it a good Facebook ad?

  1. Video-first - carousels work well for many brands for a few reasons - they show multiple products, or angles of the product, provide an opportunity for engagement and tell a story. MOSCOT have taken the storytelling aspect of the carousel ad event further by adding videos. The first tile of the carousel shows a UGC-style of footage shot as a "mirror reflection", the pace of the footage is increased (meaning, the video is sped up) - this is a great way to capture attention.
  2. Mixture of content - starting with 2 video tiles to establish a connection with the viewer, the carousel then shows a few lifestyle photos and ands with product GIFS showing different sunglasses, from a variety of angles.
  3. Short-form, descriptive ad copy - "Introducing the MOSCOT Spring 2022 Collection! Discover 5 new bold frames in rich tonal hues inspired by our New York City 107-year heritage." This short sentence communicates a lot of information: the brand, why these 5 eyewear frames are important and also the heritage of the business.

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