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October 27, 2022

Want to ⚡️ CRUSH ⚡️ Your Black Friday Profits in 2022? Do These 11.5 Simple Things… (an Ecommerce Checklist)

Let’s cut to the chase, here's a list of 11.5 things you MUST implement to maximise your BFCM profit in 2022. 

Wishing you an incredible Black Friday! 💥

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Let's start.


The Offer is the most important part of your BFCM Plan.

1 - Prepare Your Black Friday Offer 

  • Keep it attractive - people want to buy and save / get a good deal.
  • Keep it simple - easy to communicate (for your ads, emails and affiliates) & understand for your customers. 
Choose your Black Friday offer. It's the most IMPORTANT part of your BFCM plan.
BFCM Offer Options: 

A | Straight Discount 
20% to 30% (sitewide or on a specific product / collection)

B | Tiered Discount
spend $50 get 10% off, spend $75 get 20% off, spend $100 get 30% off 

C | Gift With Purchase 
: Buy Hoodie & Get a Free T-shirt 

D | Exclusive Bundles 
: 2 for 1 

E | Limited Edition Products 
: Limited Edition (250 pieces) necklace 

F | If you DON'T like discounts:

Create urgency
Example: Free Delivery on all orders until XX day 

Create scarcity 
A - Low stock warning 
B - Limited stock / X people are looking at this right now 
C - Your New Customer Offer valid for XX Days

2 - Plan Offer Duration 

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022 - KEY DATES

Best practice for BFCM offer duration:  

A | Exclusivity
Release your offer early to your Email List.

When do you want this to start / end?

B | Main BFCM offer to run over BFCM weekend
Black Friday is on the 25 of November this year.

C | Do you want to:

Start on Friday or earlier? 

Finish on Friday, Sunday, another day?

Do you want to communicate Cyber Monday (27th of November?)


3 - Map Your “Own Strategy” - Email & SMS 

Key Dates for your Email Campaign Calendar:

November 2022

  • 22nd November Tuesday  - VIP Early Access
  • 24th of November Thursday  - BFCM Early Access Starts
  • 25th of November Friday (Black Friday) - BFCM Main Sale Starts 
  • 26th of November Saturday - Small Business Saturday 
  • 27th of November Sunday - BFCM Main Sale Ends
  • 28th of November Monday  - Cyber Monday

December 2022

  • 1st December Thursday - Christmas - Main Push Starts
  • Week 5th to 11th of December - Last Day Guaranteed Delivery for Christmas
  • 20th of December Tuesday  - Shipping Deadline 
  • 25th of December Sunday - Christmas 
  • 26th of December Monday  - Boxing Day - EOY Clearance 
  • 1st of January 2023 Sunday - Winter / New Year Sale Starts - you can start thinking about Blue Monday  

4 - Segment Your Email Subscriber Lists 

Make sure you segment at least customers who:

  1. Never Purchased 
  2. Purchased (you can dive deeper here, example: Casual Customers, Lapsed Customers)
  3. VIPs 

5 - Plan Your Email & SMS Campaigns  

List of Email Campaigns we recommend to maximize your profits: 

Email Campaigns List - November 2022

  • Black Friday Teaser - 21st of November, Monday
  • VIP Early Access - 22nd of November, Tuesday
  • Black Friday Early Access - 24th of November, Friday 
  • Black Friday Sale Start, Reminder, End - 25th - 27th of November, Friday to Sunday 
  • Cyber Monday Start, Reminder, End - 28th - 29th of November, Monday - Tuesday 
  • "Thank You from the Founder" - 29th of November

Email Campaigns List - December 2022

  • Last Day Guaranteed Delivery - around the 6th of December 
  • Christmas Shipping Deadline - around the 20th of December 
  • Christmas / Boxing Day Sale - 25th - 26th of December, Sunday - Monday

6 - Q&A Your Online Store

Make sure your website works well (do it yourself or ask for help from the team, or even friends). 

During this Q&A you will most likely find things like broken links, incorrectly sized images, outdated content, etc. 

7 - Create BFCM Version Of Your Site 

Home Page: 

  • Edit messaging to have content showcasing your offers.
  • Make the main CTA lead to a collection with your offer.


  • Edit your banner to contain promo messaging.
  • Change your pop-ups to communicate offer. 
  • if needed, change email flow too. 

If you will not do the points above (I know it’s a lot of work) - I can assure you, that your conversion rate will dramatically drop. And we do not want that. 

Black Friday Sale - Website Messaging Example

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8 - Set Targets and Spend Goals 

A | Existing Customers 

How much revenue are you expecting to generate?

B | New Customers:

How many do you want to acquire during the BFCM period?

How much revenue do you want to make from those New Customers? 

From there, plan your Digital Ad Spend 


  • CPMs will be sky high
  • BUT CV might be high enough to offset the CPMs

C | Understand your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) targets for this period. 


  • For nearly every business, the customers you acquire in November will be worth the least to you versus other monthly cohorts.
  • Ideally, you've worked hard to acquire customers throughout the year and don't need to rely only on having amazing ad performance to hit your goals.

9 - Plan Your Meta Ads Strategy 

A | Run Lead Generation Ads on Facebook / Instagram 

  • If you haven't already, make sure you spend money on growing your Email Subscriber List from as early as the beginning of October.

B | Prep your main Meta Ads for BFCM Sale 

  • The main goal of these ads is to communicate your BFCM offer clearly.

C | When are you advertising your BFCM offer? 

  • When do you start? 
  • Will you advertise early access? 
  • When does your offer end? 

D | Define your audiences:

  • Best performing TOF 
  • Best performing MOF

10 - BFCM Meta Ad Creative MUST Do’s

A | Footage / Visuals

  • Gather your best-performing ad creatives (still images, videos, other)  from the past 12 months and choose which one you want to run 
  • Or - use new content - UGC, statics, GIFs, studio shots.

Insider tip:
We rarely run static images in Meta ad campaigns for our clients.

But the BFCM period is the one time of the year when it’s definitely a good idea. 

Why is it a good idea to run Static Images during BFCM?

  • Statics get lower CPMs 
  • The goal of this ad creative is to communicate your BFCM Offer 
  • If you’ve done a good job with your offer and it is simple & attractive, it will be very easy to communicate that in a static image. 
Black Friday Sale Meta Ad Creatives - Examples

B | Ad Copy: 

  • Keep it simple 
  • Keep it clear (what is the offer) 
  • In line with your best performers / brand values 
Black Friday Sale Meta Ads - Copy Examples

11 - Activate Your Affiliates 

  • Let them know about your offers. 
  • Give them a brief with all of the talking points you want them to hit, creative, and their links. (but make it simple. It will be easy for them to deliver. 


11.5 - Don't Sleep On Your Organic Social 

Continue publishing content with a mix of educational, UGC, and promo content.

Wishing you an incredible Black Friday in 2022!

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