Terms & Conditions

Blue Drop Studio do not accept returns or refunds on digital products as these are non-returnable.

If you have any problems or queries regarding a digital product, please get in touch at hello@bluedropstudio.com so we can help resolve the issue. 

Blue Drop Studio do not tolerate any form of abuse. This covers all areas including physical, verbal, online and emotional abuse. Not only extreme abuse, but we take cases of minor abuse seriously. Minor abuse could include spam via email or direct message, comments on one's appearance, rude remarks, sexually explicit dialogue, coarse and unpleasant messages, and any words that have clear intent of causing upset. No rude, nasty or bitter dialogue, messages, emails or comments will be tolerated. Any such thing will be dealt with seriously. Extreme abuse could include racial hatred, homophobic remarks, profound dialogue, verbal or physical threats and slander.This zero tolerance policy applies to all employees and contractors of Blue Drop Studio.Upon committing any form of abuse or actions of an unpleasant nature, you will be indefinitely suspended from involvement with Blue Drop Studio. This will involve a complete ban of purchasing from www.bluedropstudio.com and any other online marketplace our products are offered. You will be indefinitely blocked on all social media platforms and communication channels, including email. Your right to participate in public giveaways, competitions and challenges will be removed indefinitely. If you have an outstanding order upon this occurring, your order will be cancelled and refunded in full. If you have an order that you'd like to return due to damage or missing/wrong items, you withhold your right to return for a full refund. If you have entered a giveaway, competition or challenge upon this occurring, your entry will be removed to disqualify you as an entree. If you paid to enter, your capital will be refunded. If you are the winner of a giveaway, competition or challenge upon this occurring, you will lose your right as the winner and will not receive the takings. The prize will then be offered to the next entree in-line to win, or the draw will be hosted again to randomly select a new winner. If you paid to enter, your capital will be refunded.If you are subscribed to any form of service upon this occurring, your subscription will be immediately cancelled and you will continue to have access until the 30 days has expired. If you are still contracted as a client upon this occurring, we hold the right to cancel your contract and immediately end the service provided. You will receive a refund in the total of what remains, if not all.

If the abuse is of a severe nature toward an employee or contractor of Blue Drop Studio, we will proceed to take further action with officials. If the abuse is of a severe nature toward a customer or follower of Blue Drop Studio, we do not have control over how they proceed to resolve the issue, but we will support them and provide evidence where needed.  

Blue Drop Studio automatically dispatches all digital orders, including templates, courses and digital documents.

Upon purchasing, you are presented with a page including links to the individual downloads. Upon purchasing, you will also receive an email including instructions on how to access the purchased resources. 

If you are unable to download your files, please contact hello@bluedropstudio.com for guidance. 

Blue Drop Studio do not tolerate plagiarism or any form of copyright infringement. Upon committing such act, further action will be taken with officials. Blue Drop Studio aim to respond to email queries within 24 hours of receiving.

This only applies on working days. Weekends and bank holidays are excluded.

Whilst successful in most cases, during busy periods it can delay our response for 3 - 10 working days.

In the unlikely event that your query has not been responded to within 5 working days of sending, please contact omar@bluedropstudio.com for further support.

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