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August 3, 2020

Brand Identity - Your Strongest Tool in the Digital Space

If you’re into tech, you probably know your business has to have killer branding to cut through the noise on social. I’m not going to go in depth of what exact deliverables need to go into an effective brand identity. I want to share my thoughts on what a good brand identity means in terms of growing your tech brand in the digital space.

Your Brand Universe - a Marketing Toolbox

From the digital marketing and advertising perspective, having an effective brand identity means you’re clear on who you are and who you’re speaking to. That audience insight paired with business positioning and leveraging your unique value proposition form the foundation for the brand identity, or universe as I like to call it.

As a tech startup, your offering is most likely based on a digital product and that is why developing the brand universe is key for the success of your marketing campaigns.

1. Your Brand Identity visually represents who you are
Very simply put, the look & feel of your brand communicates to your audience what you stand for and what values you represent. Are you an evangelist for simplicity in life or are you in favour of authentic experiences?

2. Brand Identity Universe - your toolbox to build trust & authority 

Coherence is one of main success drivers in the digital space. To cut through the noise you need to be consistent with the messages and visuals you communicate to the world. 

For example, if your main brand colour is red, your visual assets need to be in line with that. There is of course, room for flexibility but that’s a conversation for a different time.

What should go into your Brand Identity Toolbox from the digital marketing perspective? 

1. The right colour 

Let’s start with colour. In my opinion, today less is more.

Basically digital is RGB and print is CMYK, and digital has a lot more options.

The colours you choose should be bold but not overwhelming and should be relevant in your space. I have to say I don’t fully agree with the random graphics floating around the internet that say for example that yellow represents happiness. That depends. On what? Your market, the cultural context and in the end personal associations.

The best advice I can share for choosing a great colour scheme is to choose one primary bold colour that’s leading the brand. Supplement it with the secondary colour, also bold and strong. Then add a good spectrum of neutrals that allow for balance.  

By the way, I’ve written another article about the impact of colour in business, you can read it here

Tinder is a great example of a digital-first colour spec and consistent colour application.

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2. Brand Universe 

As a tech startup you have to get creative with the content library you launch with. Contrary to an e-commerce business for example, you don't have a catalogue of product photos - at least in the regular sense.  

You need to have a design system that can express your values and is flexible in building creative content for your marketing campaigns.

Here is a list of my top three recommendations:

a. Brand Device - create a bespoke pattern or a set of shapes that are in line with who you are and make you stand out from competitors.

Midnite, an esports brand featuring its bespoke brand patterns. 

b. Custom Illustrations or Icons - invest time into developing a set of bespoke artwork that can visually tell a story.

Both Mailchimp and Headspace use bespoke illustration to enhance the brand.

c. Art Direction for Photography & Video - find a visual language to show the context in which your product is used. This could represent a metaphor for customer problems or be a great lifestyle reference.

Art Direction for photography for the Mailchimp brand. [1]

4. Motion Language 

This is super fun and extremely useful. Design the animation of your logo & brand universe in line with your values. This will be key in creating very quick creatives that continue on brand coherence in the digital space.

Miro’s brand identity is focused on the digital experience. [2]

When you enter the stage of growing your customer base, digital advertising is an important part of your marketing strategy. Having a well thought through Brand Identity Toolbox will allow you to quickly put together campaigns for both acquisition and retention that will be effective and convey your brand essence.

Hope this sheds some light on paid social & creative content.

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