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March 19, 2021

Grow Your Ecom Brand with User-Generated Content

Let’s talk about how you can use User-Generated Content to grow your Instagram audience and in turn, increase your sales & customer loyalty. 

What is User-Generated Content? 

It’s any type of content that’s created by a brand’s followers, product users or consumers

User-Generated Content - also known as UGC - can be a killer asset for brands looking to grow online. 

Every Instagram post with your product handle or branded hashtag created by one of your customers or potential customers is UGC and it’s valuable free marketing to your brand - especially when you’ve re-shared it on your Instagram profile.

In its most organic form UGC isn’t paid for by a brand so it’s a genuine and honest recommendation being shared by your followers and fans.

It’s also an affordable way to share high-quality content that generates sales for your brand. 

Lush is a great example of a brand that champions UGC

It’s the social media’s equivalent to a word-of-mouth recommendation. In fact, 55% of consumers trust  user-generated content over any other form of marketing, making it a surefire way to boost your sales and improve your brand’s loyalty. 

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There are a ton of benefits to using UGC for your Instagram marketing strategy, here are some of them:

  • UGC is typically viewed as a free testimonial 
  • It can “humanise” your brand - showing others using your product is the best way to build credibility (and building trust is one of the key things to focus on when starting out) 
  • UGC drives more sales and it’s more likely to be shared by others 
  • It can save you money and time from creating content 
  • And last, but not least - it shows that you’re listening to your audience - and will encourage them to keep sharing about your product. 

Since you’re working hard on growing your followers, UGC can help you stay active on Instagram and provide you with a wonderful library of high quality content. 

I know it’s not always easy nor is it always feasible to be creating that content yourself or in-house. 

Which is why looking to your community for content is an excellent strategy. & an example of their UGC

Best practices for reposting UGC

When you’re reposting user-generated content make sure to request permission to repost content and give credit where credit’s due. 

You can do that by adding a caption to the copy of your post with:

  • Via - @user_handle 
  • Or  📸 @user_handle 

How to encourage your audience to create UGC? 

One proven strategy that a lot of brands find successful for encouraging their audiences to share posts about their business is to create a branded hashtag. 

For example - check out Freepeople - they have created a hashtag #fpwhostthatgirl and encourage their audience to create content on your behalf with a prize. 

This strategy encourages your community to engage with your brand and promote your business for you while you simultaneously gain access to a ton of content created specifically for your brand. 

Freepeople have created a branded hashtag #fpwhostthatgirl and encourage their audience to create content on your behalf with a prize. 

How to find UGC? 

Hashtags are also a great way to help you find user-generated content that’s relevant for your brand. 

You can go into your brand’s hashtags on Instagram and browse posts that have been published with it. 

Lastly, here are some brands that really make use of UGC and have integrated that content block into their strategy:

Beauty & Cosmetics: Lush

Fashion: Heist Studios


Accessories: The 5th

Health & Fitness: Lulu Lemon

Hope this sheds some light on paid social & creative content.

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